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Concept of CSS, its advantages & disadvantages

CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. Styles are an electronic publishing creation for dynamically giving designs to text and other Web document elements.
The style definition contains information on how a certain part of webpage should be formatted.

CSS, also referred simply to as style sheets, allow for multiple styles to be attached to a Web document all at once. Using styles also allow formatting in a web document to be changed at once! It can be used to format documents quickly for different purposed, one for online documents, another for brochures and so on.

Styles refer to a simple mechanism to add a style (such as fonts, indent, border, etc.) to the presentation layer of a web document. The layer defines how the content appears to a user accessing the webpage.


  • Reduces time & effort of typing same style over and over.
  • Helps to download a webpage quickly as it has less code.
  • Easier to change styles of an element.
  • High content to code ratio. (Content >> Code)
  • Allows to design a website more quickly and efficiently!
    And many more…


  • Poses compatibility issues with browsers.
  • Consumes time during development of webpage.
  • Requires validation of code due to faulty syntax and bugs in CSS file.

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