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Sem 1 – PSCP Unit 2 Programs

PSCP – Problem Solving & C Programming

UNIT 2 : Using Conditional Statements

1. Program to check whether no. is positive, negative or zero.

2. Program to mind maximum of three numbers.

3. Program to check whether a person is eligible to donate blood. The conditions are as follows :
a. Age should be above 18 yrs but less than 55 yrs.
b. Weight should be more than 45 kgs.

4. Program to calculate bill of a job work done as follows :
a. Rate of typing – Rs. 3/pg
b. Rate of printing – First Copy : Rs. 5/pg, Next Copy : Rs. 3/pg
Take no. of pages and copies as input.

5. Program to enter a character and recognize whether it is a vowel, consonant or a symbol. Use switch() statement.

6. Program to enter a numeric value and print corresponding month.

7. Program to generate premium value for ABC Insurance Company Ltd. which offers following three categories of car insurance :
⇒ Category A, premium is 2% of car’s value.
⇒ Category B, premium is 3% of car’s value.
⇒ Category C, premium is 5% of car’s value.
Input should be category and car’s value.

8. Program to implement calculator using switch() statement.

9. Program to display grade of a BCA Sem-1 Student according to marks entered. Use if-else ladder.

10. Program to input gender and salary of an employee and determine if it’s taxable or not according to the following conditions :
a. Salary limit for Men : Rs. 1,50,000
b. Salary limit for Women : Rs. 1,80,000

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