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Sem 2 – ACP Unit 4 Programs

ACP – Advanced C Programming

Unit 4 : Using Files

1. Write a program to display contents of file on the screen. The program should ask for file name. Display the contents in capital case.
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2. Write a program to find size of the file.
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3. Write a program to combine contents of two files in a third file. Add line number at the beginning of each line.
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4. Write a program to display number 1 to 100. Redirect the output of the program to text file.
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5. Write a program to write contents of one file in reverse into another file.
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6. Write a program to count number of lines, words and characters in a file.
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7. Write a program to create a file called dictionary.dat that contains the information such as Name, Surname, City and Phone number. Write a program to accept a City from user and list details of persons having the given city.
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8. Write a program to copy one file to another. While doing so, all extra spaces in a file should be squeezed to one. For eg. If a file contains line “I am learning C”, it should be converted to “I am learning C”.
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9. Write a program that counts the frequency of a word from a text file. The program should accept file name as command line argument. Program should continue to ask word and display its frequency in a file till the Enter key is pressed without entering any word.
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10. Write a Program to insert the following contents in a file
named “File1”.

Append the contents of “File1” in another file “File2”. Also display the contents of File2 on screen.
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