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Sem 3 – OOCP Unit 1 Programs

OOCP – Object Oriented Concepts & Programming

Unit 1 – Introduction to OOP, Classes & Objects

1. Write a program to calculate the area of circle, rectangle and square using function overloading.
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2. Write a program to demonstrate the use of default arguments in function overloading.
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3. Write a program to demonstrate the use of returning a reference variable.
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4. Create a class student which stores the detail about roll no, name, marks of 5 subjects, i.e. science, Mathematics, English, C, C++. The class must have the following:
• Get function to accept value of the data members.
• Display function to display values of data members.
• Total function to add marks of all 5 subjects and store it in the data members named total.
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5. Create a function power() to raise a number m to power n.the function takes a double value for m and int value for n, and returns the result correctly. Use the default value of 2 for n to make the function calculate squares when this argument is omitted. Write a main that gets the values of m and n from the user to test the function.
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6. Write a basic program which shows the use of scope resolution operator.
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7. Write a C++ program to swap the value of private data members from 2 different classes.
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8. Write a program to illustrate the use of “this” pointer.
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9. An election is contested by five candidates. The candidates are numbered 1 to 5 and the voting is done by marking the candidate number on the ballot paper. Write a program to read the ballots and count the votes cast for each candidate using an array variable count. In case a number is read outside the range of 1 to 5, the ballot should be considered as a ‘spoilt ballot’ and the program should also count the number of spoilt ballots.
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10. Write a program to call member functions of class in the main
function using pointer to object and pointer to member function.
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