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Sem 4 – CJ Unit 1 Programs

CJ – Core Java

Unit 1 – Java Introduction, Operator, Objects, Methods

1. Write a program to calculate the hypotenuse of right angled triangle when other sides of the triangle are given. (Hypotenuse = Square root (x*x + y*y)).
Download (Input using command line) | Download (Input using scanner method)

2. Write a program to evaluate simple interest of a given principal, rate and time.

3. Write a program to find maximum of two numbers without using third variable.

4. Write a program using the arithmetic operators to perform algebraic operations on two numbers. (Algebraic operation is +, – , *, /, %).

5. Write a program to calculate the area of square and rectangle by overloading the area method.

6. Write a java program to display powers of 2 i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16 etc. up to 1024 using bitwise operators.

7. Write a java program to scan 3 integer values from the user and display the minimum using conditional operator.

8. Write a program to convert inches to centimeters.

9. Create a complex number class. The class should have a constructor and methods to add, subtract and multiply two complex numbers and to return the real and imaginary parts.

Download All Programs

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