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Sem 4 – VWP Unit 1 Programs

VWP – Visual & Windows Programming

Unit 1 – Building simple application in the VB.NET environment with form, textbox, label, numeric up down and button

1. Create a form with one textbox, one label and one button. Enter your name in textbox. On clicking of button, your name must display into the label.

2. Create a form with three buttons Red, green and blue. On the click of red button back color of form will be changed to red and so on.

3. Create a form, while running the application the form should always be shown in the middle of the screen.

4. Design interface of simple calculator.

5. Design a form with numeric up down control. It shows only even numbers from 1 to 50.

6. Write a program to create a color pallet. Take three numeric up down for Red, Green and Blue color and one label. And according to scrollbar values the color of label should be changed.

7. Change the icon of form.

8. Create an application to load image in label.

9. Create an application with one textbox and three buttons (left, right, center). On clicking left button, alignment of textbox should be changed to left and respectively.

10. Create an application which shows a number like 11,120 in numeric updown.

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