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Sem 4 – VWP Unit 2 Programs

VWP – Visual & Windows Programming

Unit 2 – Working with Variables, Constants, Data types and Expressions

1. Design a form that has three textboxes and radio button that calculate simple interest and compound interest.

2. Design an application which will have 2 radio buttons. One will convert the Celsius to Fahrenheit and another will convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. Show the appropriate output depends on the user’s selection. (Use radio button to take user choice and use textbox to enter value).

3. Create a loan calculator using Pmt function.

4. Take two textbox controls. Enter first name and last name in respective textboxes and on clicking button concatenate first and last name and display it on label.

5. Create an interface which allows users to select shapes of his/her choice using radio buttons. Take parameters of that shape using textboxes and calculate area of particular shape.

6. Create an Employee Entry form which will include employee’s name, address, skills (take radio button for skills) and gender (take radio button for gender). On clicking submit button, display inputted data on a label with proper formatting.

7. Write a program to convert integer value into double.

8. Write a program to calculate area of circle and use pi value as constant.

9. Design and develop a project to convert an English measurement in Miles, Yards, Feet and Inches to a metric measurement in kilometers, meters and centimeters.

Use the following formulas to change the English measurement to inches-
Total inches = 63360*miles + 36*yards + 12*feets + inches
Meters = total inches / 39.37

10. Write a program to convert rupees value to dollar value.

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