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Sem 4 – VWP Unit 3 Programs

VWP – Visual & Windows Programming

Unit 3 – Decision Making, Repetition and multiple forms

1. Enter 5 numbers find out highest and second highest. For highest no check it is prime or not and for second highest calculate Fibonacci series.

2. Create an application with a textbox in which user can enter a sentence then displays
1) Number of vowels
2) Number of spaces
3) Number of digits
4) Number of special symbols
When user press “analysis” button

3. Take one textbox. Enter paragraph with multiple lines and find out no. of vowels and no. of digits from paragraph.

4. Write a program which will accept a string from user. And then reverse the string without using inbuilt functions for string reverse. Then check whether the string is palindrome or not. Find how many words in string. Also find out how many words starts from “a” character.

5. Design a form having two text boxes, combo box and a label. Make the validation so that user can enter only numbers in both textboxes, if user has entered both numerical values then make the combo box visible. The combo box has options like ‘ADD’, ‘SUB’,’MUL’ and ‘DIV’. According to user’s choice from combo result will display in label.

6. Design a form which has Annual salary with income tax facilities. If monthly salary entered then calculate annual salary. According to this income tax as per below conditions.
Rs.0 – Rs.50000 – No tax
Rs.50000 – Rs.60000 – 10% of annual income
Rs.60000 – Rs.150000 – 20% of annual income
More than Rs.150000 – 30% of annual income
Also print net annual salary after the deduction from tax in label.

7. Restrict a textbox to input only digits.

8. Create a form with two drop down lists (combo boxes) one for country name and another for President / Head of the country. When user selects a country name from combo box, corresponding President/Head name should be displayed in another combo box.

9. Design a form to accept a text from user and then put two text boxes to input word to find and replace. If user clicks on find button, show index of the first occurrence of the word given in find textbox. If user clicks replace button, found word should be replaced with the word given for replace.

10. Write a program to transfer an item from First Listbox to Second Listbox and from Second Listbox to First.

11. Build a calculator with all arithmetic functions.

12. Print multiplication table into listbox. For multiplication take value using Numeric up down.

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