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Sem 4 – VWP Unit 4 Programs

VWP – Visual & Windows Programming

Using menus, common dialogs, procedures, functions and arrays

1. Design a form that having subroutine of function with below operations
Button1: Find out the avg. of four values.
Button2: Find out the max. From that values.
Button3: Find out the min. from that values.

2. Create an application which provides four textboxes for accepting numbers and three option buttons to select two, three or four. Design function adds to find addition of numbers selected using option buttons.

3. Take two picture boxes on form which overlap each other. It we click on first picture it will hide itself and shows second one and if we click second one it will do the same.

4. Accept no from user and perform following operations using user defined sub routines or functions.
i. Factorial of number
ii. Odd/even

5. Create MDI form. It must have File menu with option open, Close and Exit. It should also have window menu to arrange the child forms like Tile Horizontal, Tile Vertical, Cascade and Arrange Icons.

6. Find out entered number is prime or not using function.

7. Create MDI form. It must have File menu with option Open, Close and Exit and one picture box. Allow users to open any picture using open dialog box, that picture should be displayed in the picture box.

8. Create a text editor application. It should perform operation like cut, copy, paste and change in font, color of the selected text

9. Create a function to sort an array’s elements.

10. Write a program to find minimum and maximum values from an array.

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