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Setting up Java environment

Hey everyone.
Now before we get into Java programming, we need to set the environment for Java.

For that we need to
1. Install the latest JDK (Java Development Kit)
2. Set the Environment variable PATH

Step 1-
Download the latest JDK from the official website and install it.

Step 2-
Now to set the environment variable, search environment variable on your PC. Click on Edit environment variables for your account. A window will open and there create a new variable if not already present.
Enter PATH as Variable name and the path to bin folder in the jdk installation folder in Program Files as the Variable value.
The path would be something like this – C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-9.0.1\bin
It may differ a little as per the JDK version.

If the variable PATH already exists, change the Variable value to the path to bin folder of the JDK installation folder.
For more details you can refer this page.

Now we are all set to do some Java programming!

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