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Sem 4 – VWP Unit 2 Programs

VWP – Visual & Windows Programming

Unit 2 – Working with Variables, Constants, Data types and Expressions

1. Design a form that has three textboxes and radio button that calculate simple interest and compound interest.

2. Design an application which will have 2 radio buttons. One will convert the Celsius to Fahrenheit and another will convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. Show the appropriate output depends on the user’s selection. (Use radio button to take user choice and use textbox to enter value).

3. Create a loan calculator using Pmt function. Continue reading “Sem 4 – VWP Unit 2 Programs”

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Sem 4 – CJ Unit 2 Programs

CJ – Core Java

Unit 2 – Decision Making, Looping, String, Array, Wrapper Classes

1. Write a program to print even number up to 10 using while loop.

2. Write a program to check whether the given number is even or odd.

3. Write a program to demonstrate calculator using switch statement. Continue reading “Sem 4 – CJ Unit 2 Programs”

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Sem 3 – OOCP Unit 2 Programs

OOCP – Object Oriented Concepts & Programming

Unit 2 – Dynamic Memory Management, Constructor & Destructor, Inheritance

1. Using friend function find the maximum number from given two numbers from two different classes. Write all necessary functions and constructors for the program.
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2. Using a friend function, find the average of three numbers from three different classes. Write all necessary member functions and constructor for the classes.
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Continue reading “Sem 3 – OOCP Unit 2 Programs”